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Vojvode Stepe 431, Voždovac, Belgrade

About us

Carpet cleaning "Markovic" was founded about 20 years ago in Belgrade. Because of that long presence on carpet cleaning market speaks about our quality and professionalism. Our client are state institutions, private firms, embassies, colleges... More

Professional carpet cleaning and washing

Carpet transport is free

Transport tepiha

We take carpets from you and after cleaning, we will deliver carpet at your home address.

Field service covers all areas in Belgrade: Voždovac, New Belgrade, Zemun,Vracar,Palilula,Downtown...


Modern equipment for cleaning

Najmoderniji aparat za pranje tepiha

We clean your carpets with modern equipment, and we use eco-friendly detergent for washing all kinds of carpet.

Detergent do not harm or cause any sort of alergy!


Carpet drying - natural or ventricle

Prirodno sušenje tepiha

Carpet drying can be ventricle or natural. It depends of weather condition. We will deliver carpet soon as we are sure that is fully dry.

Due to nice weather now we drying carpets naturaly.


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Interesting facts and advices

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Finding the Perfect Kids Rugs

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Carpet cleaning prices list from 120-180 rsd/m2

Carpet  cleaning prices list from 120-180 rsd/m2

Call carpet Cleaning Markovic, action price from 120-180 din/m2. Call to find out how much your carpet cleaning costs. Show More

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