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Kirby vacuum cleaner and the experience of our clients

   Kirby vacuum cleaner and the experience of our clientsCarpet Cleaning Service Markovic stands out from the email you sent us, your interests and learning experiences in the washing and cleaning of the carpet, on the spot.

Kirby vacuum cleaner its not fraud by itself, however the way they are sold poorly informed people can not be called good intentions.


Washing and cleaning of carpets on the spot

Here is one edifying story of our clients who passed this torture and sent us this really interesting story:

One bad experience with Kirby presentation: You have got  award vacuuming, cleaning and washing of carpets on the spot,  just great, someone would think.  In fact behind a cleaning its hiding a promotion. The guys from Kirby were knocked on my door and offered me to wash my carpet for free. I thought, why not when its free?! but I didn.t know that they actually promote sales of vacuum cleaner. I knew that it takes a couple of hours and I didn,t have a time for that. I said I was not interested, because I m in hurry. Then he asked me to fill in a coupon that gives me participate in the competition and whose pull-August 2012 and whose main premium in the amount not less than € 2000 eu. He asked me to fill a coupon with my personal data information, because he needed a cover a front of his competent so he could say that he gave a presentation, because he receives a salary by the number of presentations. On the basis of humanity, I agreed. After two days and not on August like he said it would be, ive got call from some kind female, that tells me a good news; that was drawn as the winner of consolation prizes and that is a free cleaning of carpet or mattresses or beds. However, I asked them what are my obligations to them, but they said that there is absolutely no obligation, it is a reward, guys come and clean and thats all. We arranged an appointment for the next day at 15h.

By the way, the number from who I get call it,s the number from my neighborhood, so it was some lottery game in Belgrade. At  14h female voice called to confirm the presentation  I answer, and after less than an hour guys arrive, unpack the contraption and one went, the other stayed. Of course it stars convincing, explaining that he needs to sell 5 Kirby vacuum cleaners to go to Burma, at a seminar in which the company sent him, with whom will return as a manager and a job waiting for him in the office and for him will work a people who will work his current job. Guess what? He sold 4 Kirbys and he have to sale one more and all depend of us:his  trip, career advancement and work in the office. Of course on the table during the presentation it was a set of questions: Do you think that I deserve to go there? And to progress in job? And not to go to court but to work in an office? So ... why not make a deal and you buy this? He starts to repeating  the same questions couple of times. This went on for three hours. It looks like a Teleshop guys with frequent interruptions like But thats not all, and then some other advantage ... During the presentation he cleansed half of everything. Half of carpet, half of curtains, half mattress, half flooring, he didn,t clean even a small tabouret a whole. Of course, I didn,t buy a vacuum. Finally I asked him what he can clean a whole, as the consolation prize, and he said that is a presentation, that is the way how they work. I asked: what about a consolation prize? he did not answer because he was busy with packing equipment. Finally he phoned a boss to explained that I do not have much money and the boss wanted to hear me personally. Presenter gave me his cell phone with an open connection, the head also tried to convince me that the vacuum is great. Bids went in this order (for two or three chief calls 1990 euros in cash, € 1,000 immediately and the rest in installments, 5 months to 200 euros (sir, interest-free loan, and who would you give it but us) EUR 500 immediately and the remaining EUR 100 every month. Then I said that by September I can not take anything because I have some planned expenditures through September 50 euros, and then to 100 euro up to full payment. I didn,t saw that even at the market place. He didn,t know just one corret information:
profession of me and my wife. I said I work in a factory, in production, and we actually professors of mathematics and was pleased to find loopholes and inconsistencies in his story. I will point out a few important moments in the following presentations observers can pay attention: Do you think that this vacuum cleaner is worth ..? Do you think I deserve journey or progress ..? Frequent occurrence, it is no exaggeration. Prices will start from 1990, as fixed and final offer, and then decline to ridiculous war only bays product for each use on the vacuum cleaner puts felted pads and you can see all of the time sucked dust. From carpets, mattresses, chairs, fine, but what of the woodwork out of sand I could not believe it. And in fact, later I realized that I was sucked out of the zone he really pulled out all the joints, so do not let the demonstration is done on the floor. He asked me to bring a pillow from the childrens room. I pulled him out of a lot of dust mites and returned several times to the fact that appealing to children,s health in the first place. When you offer a price, Ill write it on a paper, and will then cross out and write below mentioned rate, for example: He will scratch off 1990 and below will stand even greater numbers 500 and 100 (500 right and 100 in installments), which has a psychological effect because the numbers 500 and 100 is much lower than in 1990. Offer valid only while I m here I,ll let it mean anything tomorrow, talk to September when the care of the costs or two days to consult because they know that if you leave 5 minutes alone with him there is nothing from buying. When a colleague went to the beginning, this our presenter said that fellow is going to carry out a second presentation. After the third call comes as fellow chief ordered to assist in making equipment. Then he fumbled a conference call.Your colleague already given the final offer until September 50e and 100e to pay as you found out simultaneously performing a second presentation, or maybe he,s the head of the office in Belgrade? Our older little girl is three and a half years and the unidentified man was terribly reserved, shy and a barrier in communication. Little daughter woke up and attended the presentation of the last half-hour. Character when he saw her he told her that he had a boyfriend for her and that he would take after the presentation to him. Half an hour later, when they packed up and headed And she asked me to lead that left me speechless and wife. Signs really good at persuading, pay attention to it.. And finally to avoid mildew of carpets who were wet i called carpet service Markovic to at least dry the carpets, shortly after the removal of carpet service Markovic kind gentleman called us on the phone and said that carpets still must be washed and thoroughly dried to not to feel bad smell from the carpet of stale water. And in the end except wasted time and money costs of re-soaked carpet all ended well, after  three days we get carpet back like new carpet, well washed, dried, nicely packed that they smelled the whole house, the smell of a softener that lasted really long. All praise for professionals in carpet service Markovic.

Signed by Zlatko Mitrovic