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Vojvode Stepe 431, Voždovac, Belgrade

Vacuum cleaning and shaking


The carpet service Markovic can clean your carpet at the lowest price with superb quality.
Our professional vacuum cleaners will pull out all the dirt from your carpet. Hair, dirt, stains, etc. are no longer a problem.
Leave your problems to professionals and within a few days, our field service will return your carpet to your home address anywhere in Belgrade, for free.

  • We do professional carpet cleaning with high power vacuum cleaners that probably can not be found in any home, and consequently the quality of the vacuuming can not be like ours. Let me assure you that we are the best in Belgrade.
  • Shaking carpets is done with the most modern machinery from abroad, which is much harder than hand can shake them. Save your strength for some useful stuff, let the carpet service Markovic do shaking and cleaning for you.

20% discount for any service at carpet cleaning center Markovic!

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