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Carpet drying - natural or ventricle


Carpet cleaning service Marković every day after washing carpets or cleaning them do the drying of carpets.

After washing carpets throughout the year, drying carpets adapts to it.

Drying carpet is executed in two ways:

  • Natural drying during the summertime and
  • Drying in chamber during the winter season.

Natural drying

Natural drying is done in the open or under the eaves of the so-called big ventilated greenhouses. Of course, before this drying, carpet dries in machine during the washing process.
Exceptions are mats that are moisturizing wash with a hose, they are literally draining, drying machinesand then attached to the Ventilation grille.

Carpet drying in chamber

Drying chamber or artificial drying involves drying in special chambers where are high temperatures with adequate air flow, and the carpets are dry for a few hours.

 Free transport

After drying, carpet is disposed in special vans that will deliver it to your home address anywhere in Belgrade. This service is free, so you will agree, laundry mat in our carpet service is beneficial in several ways.

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