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Carpet cleaning service


CARPET CLEANING SERVICE "Marković" offers superior cleaning, for all types of carpets. Carpets made ​​from all kinds of materials, such as:

Wool,silk,cotton,leather,fur,jute,synthetic and mixed with a variety of materials,either by hand or machine-made, regardless of their geographical origin,such as:

Persian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Belgian, etc. In addition to carpet cleaning, we do
all kinds of carpets and rugs, domestic and foreign, unique handmade.

Carpets, rugs, floorcloths and other floor coverings wash in several different ways, depending on the type and composition of fabric, and therefore we offer the following types of cleaning:

We wash all types of curtains, as follows: (Perlon, velvet drapes, striped, etc.),
awnings, tarpaulins and all types of upholstery.

In addition to these basic services, carpet cleaning service Markovic provides transportation services, as well as work on the spot in your living or work space.


In order to improve our business, please call us for all the remarks you have, concerning services we perform:

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  • 063 84-404-87

Our intention is to, with your help, achieve excellence in the provision of our services.

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