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Natural detergents and cleaning carpet

Natural detergents and cleaning carpetNatural cleaning and carpet cleaning and hygiene maintenance of your apartment. About all you best inform and no one else but you carpet service Markovic.


Carpet Service Markovic  you indicate that washing and cleaning of carpets and maintaining hygiene in your home can be paid by using natural resources, our grandmothers, recipes.


Natural detergents and cleaning carpet

Carpets can be cleaned and refreshed by natural means our grandmothers,recipes. Here are some suggestions.

for carpet and hygiene in the home is not necessary to purchase a variety of chemical detergents. For example, you can refresh your carpets clean and natural resources according to the recipes of our grandmothers. Here are a few suggestions.

-Combine 3 tablespoons crushed 250g soap and cornstarch. Rub this mixture well carpet and then vacuum it.

-If you want to refresh the paint on the carpet, mix a pint of water, a tablespoon of bleach and a tablespoon troprocentnog ashes, and all the stir. This mixture of clean carpet and vacuum it.

-The Fire carpet can help you and essential oil. Mix a bag of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil that you like, and leave to rest for a while. This mixture rub the carpet and leave an hour in order to effect complete. Then a damp cloth only go over the carpet.

-To clean and refresh, you can also use a mixture of apple cider vinegar 30ml, 70ml lemon juice, half a liter of water, buckets of boric acid and a few drops of essential oil of rose or lavender. Retaining the clean carpet and vacuum it.

-Stains you best to clean water and vinegar. Put them in a nebulizer and spray the mixture on the stain, wait ten minutes, then scrub with a cloth or brush and proceed with a damp cloth.

Natural detergents and cleaning carpetNatural detergents and cleaning carpet


Cleaning carpets, curtains, upholstery fabric ...

Now is the time to clean the fabrics in the home. At home it is best to have natural materials, wool, cotton or plant fibers such as sisal, jute, cotton and coconut

The smell in the house depends on the fabric in it, especially the carpet, drapes and curtains, and upholstery fabric ... Summer is a good time to wash them thoroughly, clean and evaporate to winter season. At home it is best to have natural materials, wool, cotton or plant fibers such as sisal, jute, cotton and coconut because they are easier to maintain and last longer, no matter how often it clean.

The carpets definitely the easiest you can maintain in our carpet service Markovic, where washed thoroughly and machine, and this is the only practical solution for cleaning and whitening fringe.  The carpet service Markovic carpets are thoroughly screened first, and stains and grease are removed by chemical means, followed by shampooing machine, when the product is rubbed with a rotating brush and creates rich foam. This form allows the brush to penetrate all the layers of fabric cleaner. This is followed by leaching when water is injected under high pressure into the carpet and foam and dirt are removed by suction. This procedure works only for models without hard surfaces.

However, many people have problems with allergies to aggressive chemical cleaners, especially when large surfaces such as floor mats in question. This problem will not resolve by themselves to create a solution that would thoroughly to remove odors and dirt from your carpet, no matter from which the materials. After vacuuming or dump, clean carpet solution of 3 dl of apple vinegar, 7 dl lemon juice, half a liter of water, spoons of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils of citrus, lavender or a third party of your choice. Dip a sponge in this mixture and rub the carpet, and then let it dry. In addition to a pleasant smell so you will be free and blemishes. Purchase of plant protection fabrics never applied to a dirty carpet, it will only blind dirt and dust and make cleaning more difficult, This particularly emphasizes to us quite often the party making carpets to washing and cleaning that had previously caused an unknown chemical agents for removing stains, the desire to help us and make your job easier, but in fact we,re reaching job yourself and us, and often ruin the carpet for stains that are treated gets bigger and more distinct dimensions.

Finally, we advise, leave carpet cleaning professionals at Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic, will invest a little effort and not too much money and get a lot of pleasure washed the beauty of your carpet.


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