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CARPET CLEANING SERVICE "Marković" offers superior cleaning, for all types of carpets. Carpets made ​​from all kinds of materials, such as:
Wool,silk,cotton,leather,fur,jute,synthetic and mixed with a variety of materials,either by hand or machine-made, regardless of their geographical origin,such as:
Persian, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Belgian, etc. In addition to carpet cleaning, we do all kinds of carpets and rugs, domestic and foreign, unique handmade.
Carpets, rugs, floorcloths and other floor coverings wash in several different ways, depending on the type and composition of fabric, and therefore we offer the following types of cleaning: machine-deep cleaning,  water washing with moisturizing hose,  dry carpet cleaning, bleaching fringes on carpets, replacing fringes, we hem edges of carpets and so-called reinforcing hem on handmade ones.
We wash all types of curtains, as follows: (Perlon, velvet drapes, striped, etc.), awnings, tarpaulins and all types of upholstery.
In addition to these basic services, carpet cleaning service Markovic provides transportation services, as well as work on the spot in your living or work space.


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If a business wants to look professional, it needs professionals to keep everything pristine, and this is where commercial carpet cleaning services come in. While they share many techniques with their residential counterparts, an outfit that specifically targets companies has to approach the sanitizing process a little differently.
In most cases, when a residential service is called out to a property, it’s a one-time thing. The workers get in, take care of the floors that need help and head out. There’s a little more to it with a commercial carpet cleaning service, as these businesses focus on maintenance. This maintenance is required, because the fabrics found in professional settings usually handle much more foot traffic than residential floors. This increased foot traffic soils the fabric quickly, and regular intervention is needed to keep things from getting unhealthy.
While a sanitizing company may inspect a home’s fabrics before getting started, it is pretty much standard operating procedure with a commercial carpet cleaning outfit. Floorings found in professional settings are often better at hiding soiled areas, and because there is more room to cover, it’s not always clear where the highest traffic zones are located. A thorough check will spot what areas need the most help. These problem zones are usually around entryways, bottlenecks and doorways.
Once a detailed layout of the building is put together, and the points of concern are flagged, the maintenance can begin. This can be broken down into three schedules of treatment: preventative, daily and intermittent. This detailed plan is not something that’s usually done for houses or apartments, as these buildings don’t bring in as much debris and sediment.
Preventative forms of treatment involve a couple of simple techniques to keep sediment from getting into the building and keeping it from showing up on flooring. Entry mats and finding a masking color for the business’s surfaces are the most popular ways a commercial carpet cleaning service accomplishes this.
Daily maintenance means thorough vacuuming of all floors and spot treatment of all spills or stains. Vacuuming daily can eliminate around 80 percent of particulate debris from taking root, and this can stop major issues from popping up.
Intermittent treatment requires deep extraction of soiling. This can be semi-annual, or monthly for high traffic zones. Deep removal requires some of the same techniques a residential business uses – like hot water extraction with some light detergent. Deodorizing substances and barriers that prevent future stains may also be used.
Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services may not be interchangeable, and a client should choose appropriately when looking for a professional group to do the job. A company that specializes in business flooring usually sets its prices for larger projects, and may charge a big premium to travel out to individual homes. In addition, the vacuums and hot water collectors that these professionals use are a bit bigger and require more power. These machines are better calibrated for larger spaces, and may not maneuver as well in tighter spots. Many commercial sanitizers won’t take on residential clients, as these professionals prefer regular clients and service. However, many are equipped to handle both, and can be a viable solution no matter the situation.


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