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Vojvode Stepe 431, Voždovac, Belgrade


The workshop, carpet service Markovic. The place where we are washing and cleaning carpets. We are honest with our clients, so we are proudly showing  every corner of carpet cleaning service Markovic. The large washing room in which fits every dirty carpet, and from there comes out moistured and clean. After that, it is dried in a chamber or natural. The most modern washing machines will take care of your carpet, clean it well, and the most powerful vacuum cleaners will ensure that your carpet has no trace of dust and other dirt.
Workshop carpet service Markovic is where we wash and clean the carpets, it is our laundry. The workshop carpets Marković addition to carpet cleaning, mechanical water depth and carpet cleaning, and perform other services, such as bleaching fringes on the carpet, attaching new fringes of the carpet, fitting the edges of carpets, washing curtains, cleaning and deep cleaning upholstery furniture, washing mattresses, pillows, cushions, quilts, blankets, chairs, armchairs. Workshop carpets Marković has a chamber for drying carpets, where warehouses are packed washed carpets, storage for dirty carpets and halls for natural drying the carpet only with the help of natural air flow. The workshop carpets Marković includes a toilet and a bathroom, both for workers and sanitary part for customers who visit Carpet Service Markovic. The workshop is open and a large part of the yard with sheds for drying carpets naturally in the open air, as well as the car park, where all vehicles carpets. Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic boasts the largest working space, in relation to all the carpet workshop in Belgrade, but not in Serbia, there is no more space, a place where we wash carpets gloom has 300 M2 and with other working and auxiliary parts of the workshop has an area over 1000 M2. We are extremely honest with our customers, so we are showing every corner of the carpet service Markovic, to show you our work space, or workshop carpet service Markovic, we have recorded a large number of short films and video clips, which we set up on youtube channel and images which can be seen on social networks and on our website.
In the spacious barn wash every dirty carpet, there comes a wet and clean where she later dried in a chamber or natural. We wash your carpet will welcome the most modern machines for washing and cleaning of carpets as well as the most powerful vacuum cleaner that will make sure that your carpet there is not a speck of dust and other dirt.

All repairs and restoration takes place in our  Markovic workshops. All work is done by hand along with our stain removal service and colour run restoration. We also offer a moth and insect removal. In faded areas we can also put dye back into the wool to bring the carpets back to life!
Our expert repairers can repair large to small holes and damage at the ends and sides of your carpets, rugs and runners as well as splits and worn areas. It is important to check the ends and sides of your rugs to make sure they aren’t showing signs of wear. It may be you just want a carpet or rug which is starting to show signs to be saved from getting any worse, for which we offer a prevention repair.
We can also prepare your rugs for hanging on walls by supplying and sewing on a sleeve neatly to the back of your rug. This can then be used to hang more delicate pieces so then can be enjoyed too!

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