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Our washing machines

Carpet cleaning and washing machines that we use in our carpet cleaning center are part of latest technology. We guarantee high quality that you will not find anywhere else in Belgrade. We use special machines for washing coarse carpets, rugs and others. Fine carpets are being washed with more sophisticated machines, because we do not want to damage the surfaces that are being cleaned. We also have washing machines for fine curtains, awnings and tarpaulins, hem edges of the carpet, bleaching fringes etc. To be mentioned, that we have a professional chamber for drying carpets and a large garden filled with natural sunlight for drying.


Fully automatic rug and carpet washing machine 

AMP-02 PLC 2015 Design
Sizes: For rugs up to 3.4m (AMP-02 PLC 340) and for rugs up to 4.2m (AMP-02 PLC 420)

Technical Details:

PLC control system, Fully automatic operation, Self-Diagnosis electronic and mechanical system
Operated by one person, automatic carpet rolling after washing and rinsing
The washing machine can wash approximately up to 350 carpets (2m x 3m dimension) per 8hr daily production (240m2 per hour). The washing machine should have the FAST upgrade bullt in.
Manufactured using 304 stainless steel, conveyor band with speed control, 4 washing brushes (automatic pressure system), 2 cylindrical brushes for rinsing,
3 high pressure water units for rinsing, water and soap pumps included.
3 phase electric power 400V / 50Hz
Water pump 4hp
Soap pump(s) 1hp 


Height: 1.80m (5.90ft)
Overall Width: 4.60m (15.09ft)/ 5.40m (17.72ft)
Overall Length: 3.40m (11.15ft)
Max Rug Width: 3.40m (11.15ft) / 4.20m (13.78ft)

Mechanical Optional Equipment Upgrades (FAST version in 3.4m and 4.2m model):

8 washing brushes
Upgraded water pump
Upgraded soap pump
Upgraded PLC software 

Mechanical Optional Equipment Upgrades (ULTRA version only in 4.2m model):

12 washing brushes
Upgraded water pump / Upgraded soap pump
Upgraded PLC software  

Electronic Optional Equipment Upgrades (For both models sizes):

Automatic Carpet Measuring System
PLC Memory upgrade to keep up to 1000 washed carpets information
Wifi router to connect the PC with the machines PLC to transfer all data that was collected during operation
(Date of washing, Time of washing, for how long the carpet was washed, Code of Carpet, Size, Type of carpet)
PC software to transfer the data for further data processing to laptop computer
PC software for Barcode communication with laptop computer for carpet recording in warehouse
Industrial Barcode Scanner BLUETOOTH Communication (wireless communication up to 100m, with internal memory)

Advantages of AMP-02 PLC automatic washing machine:

Fully automatic operation. Personnel are needed ONLY to put and get the carpets. The machine can be operated only by ONE personnel as minimum.
No need to adjust manually the scrubs (washing or rinsing) pressure as the machine does this automatically according to the carpets thickness in every carpet.
Special designed washing scrubs system so it can wash perfectly even the thickest or thinnest carpets, its sides and the carpet fringes on both sides (up/down).
Advanced PLC software design, so the washing procedure depends on carpets width and length. As an example, the conveyor band is moving forward and backwards automatically on carpets head so it can wash the carpets fringes on both sides.
The washing and rinsing systems are moving left and right only above the carpet. As an example, if the carpet is 2.00m wide the systems will move left and right only up to 2.00m position.
All operations turn on only and when there is carpet in its operation range AUTOMATICALLY.
No water and soaps loss because the pumps are turned on only when there is a carpet under the rinsing or washing operation.
Fully automatic carpet folding on the rear side of the machine. No need for personnel!
No need to pull up the washed and of course heavy carpet from the rear side of the machine. The folding system uses hydraulics to place gently the carpet up to a roller bench.
All electronics are OMRON Japanese brand made with 3 years guarantee on any faulty electronic equipment.
Hanta Systems gives 2 years guarantee to all mechanical systems except washing and rinsing scrubs or any equipment that was damaged by buyers personnel.
No electric switches are used for machine operation. This annihilates all chances of failure while operation.
In case of PLC problem. PLC can be connected via telephone wire over the internet with OMRON service to check the system any time needed. (This machines PLC electric panel is used for 8 years now without having any problem at all).
304 Stainless steel made. No rusted equipment after use and soaps. Definitely a lifetime machine.
All machines are marked with a CE compliance mark and the machines are followed by a Declaration of conformity with the requirements of the European Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), a user manual, a spart parts catalogue and an operational manual.

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