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Carpet transport and field service

Carpet transport and field service are in one team of carpet cleaning service Markovic, but staff do two different jobs:

  • Carpet transport: includes transportation from client to the service and vice versa. In other words, take the carpet from the client brings into service, after washing, cleaning, drying and other processing returns to the address of the owner in Belgrade.The municipalities of New Belgrade, Zemun, Vozdovac, Stari Grad, Vracar, Savski Venac, Dorcol, Palilula, Zvezdara, Mirijevo,Karaburma, Rakovica,...
  • Field Service: means working in the field, on the site. This team of carpet cleaning service Markovic goes to site eg. a company and wash floor coverings, soft or hard, wash windows etc, on-site under the supervision of a manager. 

Carpet Or Rug Transportation 

The process for removing carpets and rugs from your home is relatively straightforward. After agreeing on terms with a professional, the team arrives at your home. Where necessary, the team moves obstructing furniture and then lifts and rolls the carpets for transportation. The experts transport the carpets and rugs to and from your property and reinstall the carpets in the correct rooms.

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