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Machine deep cleaning carpets

Carpet cleaning service Markovic use professional deep carpet cleaning machines, and word deep confirms that these machines are of exceptional power for vacuuming and washing carpets in depth.
Note, we use most professional equipment from abroad and liquids for washing and cleaning carpets that are safe for people who will be staying in the area where the carpet cleaned.
The process of machine carpet cleaning consists of:

  • Professional vacuuming carpets for removing all dust.
  • Carpet cleaning with water and detergent.
  • Custom brushes scrubing while vacuuming water out of the carpet.

After this treatment, the carpet is soaking wet and carried on drying (natural or in chamber). Once the carpet dries it is free transporting to your address. 

How to deep clean carpet like a pro

Benefits of professional deep carpet cleaning Carpet is probably the most used thing in the entire house, that’s why it requires constant and frequent maintenance. It gets dirty and messy pretty quickly, especially downstairs, where food crumbs from the kitchen, pets’ hair and debris, outside dirt and dust, brought on the sole of the shoes, etc. makes it look and feel quite unpleasant.  Even if you vacuum your carpets regularly and remove stains as they appear, carpet tends to lose its color overtime. It also gathers the smallest dust specks and fluff pieces that are impossible to get rid of during normal vacuuming routine. That’s why you can’t really be sure your carpet is completely clean and fresh even right after the most throughout cleaning. Besides, all germs and bacteria that accumulate in carpet fibers are even more dangerous to human’s health than dust cluster. They may cause more serious allergic reactions and skin problems. Of course, you still have to vacuum your carpet floors every single week or even several times a week in the most used areas of the house like living room and hall. It’s even more essential if you have small kids, who’re constantly crawling and playing on the floor. And, the amount of mess and the number of necessary vacuums per week increases if you have pets, especially if you let them walk outside. Combine those two factors with the understandable fact that it’s impossible to live in the house without leaving the ‘signs of residence’ in it – and you get a cleaning disaster. Like you’re never able to let go of vacuum. Sounds familiar to you? I know it does. The first thing you can do to get your carpet cleaned is to vacuum it correctly. Professional carpet cleaners recommend that it’s better to purchase an upright vacuum cleaner with powerful suction to clean the carpet deeper. Canister vacuum is good in taking care of wooden, tiled or any other type of floor. However, if you’re not ready to splurge on two vacuum cleaners for your household, you should probably opt for an upright one, which features a brush-off setting to clean bare floors.

There are several ways to clean carpets, including steam cleaning, spot cleaning, and dry extraction. Hot water extraction using a deep cleaning machine is a popular method. The machines, which are available to purchase or rent from stores, inject hot water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet, and they then use a vacuum to draw out the dirty water afterwards. The hot water removes dirt and stains and kills bacteria. Using a water extraction cleaner is straightforward.

How To Clean Carpet

First, clean an inconspicuous area of carpet to test for colorfastness.
Remove all furniture from the room.
Add hot water and detergent to the machine based on manufacturer guidelines.
Work from the farthest end of the room toward the entry.
Suck up as much dirty water as possible, emptying the machine regularly.
Leave the carpet to dry thoroughly.
Replace furniture.
For minor stains, immediately blot excess moisture, and treat the stain with a suitable spot cleaner. Acting promptly improves the chances of removing the stain, but it may still be necessary to call in a professional.

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