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Washed carpets

Our washed carpets. In carpet cleaning service Markovic, carpet cleaning is performed by experienced professionals, with the latest machines for washing and cleaning. Very important is that when we are washing and cleaning carpets, we use only the best tools that do not threaten the health of our clients.Through the experience of over 20 years, your carpet service Markovic washed over 1,200.00 M2, carpet surfaces, this is a large area that you can not imagine, and some of them you can see in the gallery below.

Our washed carpets are mirror carpets Markovic. In the laundry mat service Markovic, carpet cleaning performed only by experienced professionals with the most modern machines for washing and cleaning of carpets, as well as the highest quality organic detergents and cleaners had been requested of all types of carpets. Great emphasis is placed that from washing and cleaning of carpets, we use only the best assets that do not impair the health of our clients. Carpet cleaning the carpet service Markovic exclusively by experienced professionals, with many years of experience, carpet cleaning work with the most modern and highest quality machines available on the market. Also with good equipment and we have high-quality chemistry or abrasive detergents and cleaning difficult dirt, such as grease, urine, various other spots and stains. Please note that any abrasive chemicals, despite the strong efficiency washing carpets and environmentally clean, in other words, are not harmful to human health and
Through the experience of over 20 years, our carpet service Markovic washed over the surface of the carpet 1,200.00 M2, to recognize this is a large area that you can not even imagine. Weve done that all these carpets look like new and in the first place that washed carpets are really pure and fragrant longer period of time. In this way we have gained the trust of many Belgraders who have given us their trust to wash their carpets. Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic cleaned carpets for both physical and legal entities. Some of the most beautiful carpets that we washed and painted, you can look in our gallery below. You enjoy a pleasant, watching the beautiful carpets, your carpet service Markovic.