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Vacuum cleaning and shaking

The carpet service Markovic can clean your carpet at the lowest price with superb quality.
Our professional vacuum cleaners will pull out all the dirt from your carpet. Hair, dirt, stains, etc. are no longer a problem.
Leave your problems to professionals and within a few days, our field service will return your carpet to your home address anywhere in Belgrade, for free.

We do professional carpet cleaning with high power vacuum cleaners that probably can not be found in any home, and consequently the quality of the vacuuming can not be like ours. Let me assure you that we are the best in Belgrade.

Shaking carpets is done with the most modern machinery from abroad, which is much harder than hand can shake them. Save your strength for some useful stuff, let the carpet service Markovic do shaking and cleaning for you.      


Vacuuming is one of the most hated chores yet it is one of the easiest things you can do to give your home an instant lift. It makes your home look instantly better, helps your carpets last longer and dramatically improves the health of carpets by reducing the airborne pollutants that cause respiratory ailments.
My personal vacuuming style is pretty casual but my new year’s resolution was to keep a cleaner and healthier home. With that in mind I went trawling around the internet and came up with a list of handy hints about vacuuming that I want to share with you.

Empty the vacuum bag or filter regularly: Your vacuum pushes dirt from the carpet and air through the vacuum bag or filter. If the bag is full, then the air can’t pass through, severely affecting the suction on your vacuum. The same applies for filters on bag-less vacuums.

Clean the roller on your vacuum regularly: carpet fibres need to be agitated and shaken during vacuuming to loosen the dirt. If the roller brush is full of threads and hair, then it may be only semi effective, or possibly not be working at all.

Use Rugs: In high traffic areas, it’s a very good idea to use rugs that are easy to clean. These can be taken outside and shaken then hung in the sunshine. Rugs will keep your carpets looking good by reducing wear and tear and they’re more easily cleaned.

De-odorise: Carpets can get smelly due to the fact that they trap bacteria. There are plenty of carpet deodorises on the market but one of the simplest methods I have discovered over the course of my reading, is to place a piece of citrus zest or a cotton wool ball soaked in citrus juice inside the bag. As you vacuum the smell will be transferred to the carpet.

Vacuum and Vacuum Again: Use a long extension cord so that you don’t have to keep stopping to move the cord into a new power socket, then vacuum all the edges of your room first using the attachments that come with your cleaner. Vacuum the whole room horizontally and then again vertically. This lifts the carpet fibres in both directions and gets the maximum amount of dirt and debris out of your carpet. If you vacuum like this, you should only need to do it once per week.

Wear Socks: Removing your shoes at the door will dramatically reduce the dirt and bacteria that ends up in your carpet. It’s important though to replace your shoes with socks or house slippers. Bare feet on carpet will release body oils which attracts bacteria and causes staining.

Call in the Professionals: Once a year it’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove the dirt, dust mites and bacteria that you haven’t been able to remove and to return your carpet’s ph balance to its original state.

I hope you find those hints helpful – I’m off to clean my vacuum cleaner, find a lemon and put on a pair of socks!

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