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A few tips for maintaining the Persian Carpet

A few tips for maintaining the Persian CarpetMaintenance of Persian silk carpets, for most people it can be very difficult, but with the advice of professionals, carpet service Markovic, it becomes much easier.

Dear our clients, here are some helpful tips for you: How to maintain your sensitive Persian silk carpets and save them before you come to us.

How to maintain the Persian carpet

One of the many factors in the beauty of the carpet is the manner of its maintenance. Pollution and soiling of the carpet not only makes it unattractive, but also contributes to its further damage.It is evident that the carpets with light variations and fuzzy, and those who are subject to constant fouling and trampling, looking for often cleaning.The best way to remove dirtiness from carpets ordinary broom. However, it takes more time and effort, but provides long lasting carpet.Use of a vacuum cleaner with lower speeds, from time to time, also will not harm the carpet, but do not use a vacuum with a rotating brush, rotating brush  will contribute to the tearing of hair, and will lead to disruption of nodes. We recommend that once in week, clean the background of the carpet. With such tipe of  cleaning the dirtiness of a carpet will be removed.For their tenderness advise you to be careful while you cleaning a carpet. At the end of the last obstacles to be avoided more often shaking rugs or carpet (stayed by custom in some countries) as well as shake your blanket or sheet, and not to put them on the balcony or terrace. Every day shaking carpets contribute nodes to gradually been released. Hanging carpet of hand on the window or balcony, not only will expose the same snow and sun, but also contribute to the changing colors (fading) as result of solar radiation.

The removal of moisture from the Persian carpet

Allowing moisture to remain in the carpet, is the worst damage for a carpet. Humidity washed carpet will immediately be removed with a sponge, cloth or other fabrics, and may then be briefly exposed to the sun or hair dryer to dry out the front and background of the carpet, then do a finger massage of dried place.

Remove stains from a Persian carpet

When the carpet is stained or soiled by colored substances such as coffee, tea, syrup, oil, shoe polish, urine or feces of animals, the first thing that needs to be done is to remove it from the carpet, and then to eliminate using detergents such as soap, different detergents or various absorbing resources. It should be noted that each colored stains can purge the special remover  in special conditions. Example: For stains that are made by orange juice, milk, coffee, tea, chocolateupotrebljavamo vodu i neutralan sapun ili sirće. If the stains caused by grease or oil first needs to be removed immediately with a cloth and then spreads over spots ironed white cloth the semi hot iron. In this way, fat or oil that entered the carpet will be absorbed into the fabric. When colors, which are white or cream on the basis of carpet made ​​of soft wool (for weaving) are copied for any reason, copied colors can be cleaned using a chemical solution called sodium hydrosulfite and of course takes time and patience. The way to do this is as follows: first, pour a small amount of acid and diluted yogurt and warm water. Then rough brush treat affected surface. It should have in mind that the amount of hydrosulfite used in this solution depends on its freshness. Do not apply the dilution to the moment when I do not feel bad smell. To make the bad smell tolerable we can add sodium bicarbonate. If the amount of hydrosulfite exceed the normal range of hair carpet will be harmed. To check the efficiency of the dilution, we first test a small area of a carpet. If we get good results then expand to the entire carpet complied with. If at the end of the color is brighter than it should be then with a cloth soaked in tea wipe the surface with carpet, until the shift in the desired color. After several hours clean a drained dilution from the carpet with a rough brush, then with a damp cloth clean the treated parts, and then bring  your carpet in a cleaning service: CARPET SERVICE MARKOVIC.

Only in that case your efforts will be effective when it is about a washing and cleaning carpets.

Also, if you do not do it all, but wait for the stain to dry the carpet until it reaches in the carpet service Markovic,  to remove stains may be too late. When hair is stick flora carpet and flor has lost its normal softness, or is infected dirt, this is a sign that your carpet needs cleaning. The normal period is 2-3 years, depending on where it is located and how much carpet is trodden. Carpet cleaning should be left to service Markovic who has the equipment and knowledge to wash the Persian (Iranian) carpets. We recommended you this solution if you want to avoid a damaging of a carpet, retaining their brilliance, beauty and durability of the same.

Protection for Persian carpets from moth

Moths can greatly damage the carpet. Moth can destroy 42 pounds of wool after 4 generations. As a safeguard, the long absence from home people in Iran use the most naphthalene or camphor, this is old but useful manner worth of mention. Another conventional method is to spray the carpet with a spray moth. Spray it on both sides. The best advice for protection from moths, if possible, to leave that more open windows and doors to circulate air through the carpet.

A few tips for protect Persian carpets

Our recommendations for keeping carpets were next
- Do not expose your rug to a constant and intense sunlight.
- Do not place flower pots on it, if it gets wet you should clean on both sides
- Periodically you spin it the other way around from the side on which he trampled on, so you will have a constant friction in both directions.
- Avoid lying under the door because over time, the part may be damaged.
- If the carpet on the floor is slippery (marble, linoleum) should in addition be added
   sponge, or as PVC, but it has to be smaller than the dimensions of the carpet.
- You have to be careful with heavy furniture legs, which can leave marks on the carpet.
   In such cases, we recommend placing the wood... linoleum
- Keeping pets can affect to damage the carpet. We recommend to control their
   behavior, but if it comes to pass urine carpet, then it must be cleaned on both sides.
- When the maintenance of carpets we have to pay attention to the fringes, which are the most sensitive part of the carpet and can be
   easily damaged.
- Our last recommendation is to constantly keep your carpet clean so he can show all his
   the beauty and grandeur.

Thank you for your trust

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