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Shag Carpet - maintenance, cleaning and washing

Shag Carpet - maintenance, cleaning and washingShag Carpet - maintenance, cleaning and washing.

Shag Carpet - maintenance, cleaning and washing

If you bought a shag carpet, you need to maintain it in the professional mat service, the best in carpet service Markovic and another carpet service in Belgrade, which you have used or have received the recommendation of a friend. So if your carpet will be machine-washed and washed deeply to clear strokes, thats the only solution, bleaching villi on shaggy carpet

Quick and easy to wash, fluffy carpets

If you have material possibilities, Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic is the right choice for you. The service will first review our workers carpet and will tell you whether it is possible to wash thoroughly or not, and whether the carpet suffer any damage during the wash due to say the poor quality of the carpet. Quality furry jokes or carpet depends on the type of material, weaving and color.

Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic, stains on the carpet be removed by chemical means, and then followed šamponiranjeai machine and a brush that rotates and creates voluminous foam.

This method of carpet cleaning allows all layers of fluffy carpets reaches cleaner. Rinsing the carpet is made in strong jets of water. Pena is removed by suction, but this system is recommended only for carpets that do not have a solid surface, or weft. 

How to maintain the shag carpet? 

Shag carpets of wool, are the most difficult to wash, but have an advantage over other materials because it does not emit any harmful substances and do not affect the level of humidity in the room. Shaggy wool carpets do not create odors, as is the case with shaggy synthetic carpet that creates odors especially when mixed with the smell of dirt or synthetic plastic material carpet.

Shag carpet of wool can be cleaned without the use of water, it is a chemical dry carpet cleaning powder or granules that are scattered all over the carpet, leave to act and eventually just suck! This method of washing is not good for Tainted carpets.

Wet cleaning such Tepic is best to do steam cleaner because the high temperature kills dangerous germs and fungi, but also removes stains. These carpets are collected with a foot fungus, you need to take this into account. Fungi in the carpet creates a very unpleasant smell, almost unbearable for the owners thereof. 

How to clean shag carpet of hair? 

If you have pets, do not buy this shaggy carpets, or if you already have such a carpet, then after it stuck together hair, clean regularly with the help of rough brushes youve soaked in a solution of vinegar and water. If a pet urinate on the carpet vacuumed city and sprinkle soda. Carpet Cleaning Service Markovic has experience with this type of carpet. 

How to clean shag carpet without carpets?

It is not unusual to be told allergies to chemical substances and agents used in the service of carpet cleaning. Therefore, wash the carpets in the carpet service Markovic. Our service uses organic detergent carpet harmless for humans and the environment. Markovic carpet service offers you the following tips: First, avoid this shaggy carpet, but if youve already bought, heres advice on how to wash by ourselves such a carpet.

You can yourself to make a solution that will completely remove odors and stains quite counting those of coffee with your carpet, regardless of whether it is made of wool or synthetic fibers for example.

First, a good shake a rug by additional vacuum. The solution is made from a 300 ml apple vinegar, a little more than half a liter of water, just as much lemon juice, baking soda bags. You can add to the mix a few drops of essential oil of your choice - lavender, citrus, etc., which will further refresh the carpet.

Wet the sponge into this liquid and scrub the carpet. Leave to dry. The result is a clean carpet pleasant smell, no stains and stains that will not irritate because they are used for cleaning completely natural means. Note! Never any detergent applied directly on the carpet was dirty, and neusisan neistrešen carpet because the extra glue in the dirt, and cleaning will be even harder.

Know that if you are at your ragged carpet spills wine, coffee or hot chocolate, be sure not to run for the sponge and rub until they lost consciousness because the hair and fringes around the stains extend and operate conspicuous. It is better that while the stains are new, to place on the carpet carefully pats of soft paper to absorb liquid or grease, and then treat the stain with a little alcohol and water or a mild detergent solution.

Current trends are thrown on the market tufted carpets made of synthetic materials for which no catches dust. Easy to maintain, just regular shaking to wash and dry granules or powder.

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Additional tips for tufted carpets 

How do you maintain your shag carpet depends on their size and the method of production and type of material.

Use the recommended cleaners and follow uputstva.Čupavi carpets are cleaned twice assets. Do not use powdered deterdžentecu for your shag carpet because it is possible that it will leave a stain. After washing, carpet needs a good rinse.

Do not place furniture on freshly washed carpet, while he completely dry. If the carpet is very dirty or damaged, it is better to turn to our service facility for washing and cleaning.

The best and highest quality shaggy carpets are original Belgian jokes rugs are available in very attractive colors and designs. Although at first glance may seem to have the custom carpets complicated to maintain, they are not at all problematic.

If you are made of conductive fibers, easy maintenance involves shaking two or three times a month. After vacuuming look as if theyve just purchased, and some manufacturers make them with a special anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties. In addition to the advantages in cleaning, these carpets are among the most comfortable rugs on them you can even lying down.


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