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How to choose the color of the carpet

How to choose the color of the carpetCarpet Cleaning Service Markovic will help you how to choose the color of the carpet.


The carpet colour you choose for your home or office will have an affect the feel of the space and the mood of people in that space. Learn a little more about how to use your carpet colour in decorating.

Decorating Tips

Warm (from yellow undertones) vs. cool colours (blues undertones) vs Neutral carpet colours
Warm colours will make the space feel warmer and encourage conversation.
Cool colours will make the space feel cold and promote relaxation.
Bold colours & patterns are good if you are trying to take the focus away from the furnishings.
Neutral colours are useful if you want to keep the focus away from the flooring and instead on the furnishings.
Light, dark or medium carpet colours
Light colours create a spacious airy effect
Darker colours create a homely cozy feeling
Bright colours will have a energizing affect on your mood
Muted tones will be calming
Light colours soil easily, dark colours will lint and medium colours are easier to clean.

Large areas of carpet will intensify the colour you choose and it may look darker than your sample. Therefore if you are carpeting a large space, consider toning the colour back a little.
Choosing a slightly darker shade than the colour on your walls, it will give the room a sense of solidness and a foundation.

Tips to consider when choosing your carpet colour

If you have a pet, consider choosing either dark or light colour to match your pet so you don,t have to vacuum as regularly.
Always consider re-sale value of your home. Generally more muted neutral tones will be more likely to match a wider range of tastes and décor.
Be careful to think about how your paint colour will affect the look of your carpet colour. For example a warm paint colour will make a neutral carpet colour take on a warm hue.
You dont want the carpet to be the first thing you notice when you enter a room, so if you are choosing a colour or pattern that is overwhelming everything else in the room you will have trouble living with it in the long term.
Don,t match your colour exactly to the paint or furnishings, as it will make the space look rigid.
The type of light source and amount of daylight you have will affect the perceived colour of the carpet, so take thisinto consideration. Florescent based lights tend to strip out some of the colour.
Texture & carpet type will also affect how the carpet feels in the space. Sisal carpet will feel less luxurious, while plush will feel cozy.
If you are unsure, a rule-of-thumb is that you don,t want more than 3 colours in each space. This includes the paint colour, carpet and any soft furnishings such as curtains.
If you are replacing both the carpet and the wall paint, chose your carpet first and wall paint colour second. There is an unlimited array of paint colours available, whereas you may be more restricted by your carpet colour choice.
Finally, don,t try to match it all perfectly, as it will look forced and uncomfortable. Just use these as ideas to start you thinking about the options you have.

Selecting carpet Color

No decision you will make about your carpet will have as significant an impact on your decorating as the color you choose. The importance of the decision makes it difficult, but also exciting. As you face a wide array of carpet colors, shades, and tones, these few tips may help make your selection process a little easier. more about carpet color...     

How to choose the color of the carpetHow to choose the color of the carpet                                                                    

Providing An Airy Feel

Light colors give rooms a larger overall appearance. Whether you want to make a small breakfast room seem bigger, or make a large living room feel even more open, light color carpeting could provide the effect you,re seeking.

Creating A Cozy Atmosphere

Dark colors make a room appear smaller and cozier. Whether decorating a study, a large master bedroom, or a family room with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace, you may find that dark carpeting helps create the room,s desired comfort.

Developing A Color Flow

To develop color flow throughout a room, different values of the dominant carpet color can be effectively used as accents. To develop color flow throughout the house, duplicate the dominant carpet color from one room as an accent or border carpet color in the next room.

Avoiding An Exact Match

When selecting a solid carpet to coordinate with upholstery or drapery fabric, find a complementary shade of the dominant color instead of an exact match. Such coordination softens the decorating style, adding interest rather than rigidity.

Understanding The Importance of Light

Your use of different light sources will change the look of your carpet,s color. Natural sunlight from a window will create a different effect than the overhead light of a chandelier, or the indirect light of a lamp. Viewing your sample at different times of the day in the room it will be used will help you decide if you,ve selected a color that looks nice regardless of the light source.

Striking A Balance

While light color carpeting shows soil more readily than dark, dark shades are prone to show lint. The function of the area that you are carpeting and your family,s lifestyle will help you determine how to balance these two situations. Neutral tones that mimic such natural elements of wood, stone, marble, or slate are best able to disguise both soil and lint.

Warming & Cooling Effects

Colors take their cue from nature. Red and yellow carpeting, reflecting the glow of sunshine, can have a warming effect in a room. Blue and green tones, paralleling the chill of early morning, have a cooling effect.

Even Beige Is Not Necessarily Safe

Although considered the most neutral of carpet colors, decorating with beige tones can also be difficult. Beige colors are made of amounts of red, yellow, and blue mixed together. The dominant of these three colors creates the beige,s undertone, which should be consistent and complementary with other colors and other beiges in the room,s decorating elements.

Carpet cleaning Markovic

Carpet cleaning Markovic  carpet has helped many consumers find just the right color needed for that special-need area of the home or office. Color is defined as reflected light. Under different light sources, colors appear to change slightly, so the light source we use can affect our ability to judge color accurately. We,ve all seen what can happen as a result: A man dresses in navy cotton pants and a navy polyester jacket that appear to match perfectly indoors. Outside he realizes the pants and jacket are two different shades of blue. This is because he matched them under incandescent lighting and is now looking at them in sunlight.

The following are possible light sources:

incandescent (light bulbs),cool white fluorescent,daylight fluorescent,warm white fluorescent,sunlight,D3500,SPX30. The standard light source is daylight fluorescent. But as we,ve seen, color perception can change according to the light source used.


Custom color selection may be one of the easiest decisions for you. You know what you have, what you like and what you want the final result to be. When you are ready to go shopping for carpeting, take your knowledge, ideas, measurements and fabric samples, and see what the market has to offer.

Colors always should be viewed in natural daylight and in artificial light in the space you plan to use the color. Take the carpet samples home to look at them in nightlight as well as daylight, and with your belongings, not the store surroundings. The larger the sample, the easier it will be for you to make a decision.

Solid colors and light colors tend to make space appear larger, while patterned and dark colors usually make space appear smaller. Don,t let those facts hinder you in doing something you really want to do, however.

Soiling shows more readily on white or light yellow carpeting. Medium colors, color blends and patterns are best for disguising signs of use between cleanings. Darker colors tend to show lint and accumulated dust more readily than light or medium colors. Selecting a color value the same as the usual soil in your locality helps keep carpet looking soil-free longer.

Color is psychologically important. It can affect not only the apparent size of a space, but the temperature and mood of a room. The use of warm or cool colors depends on personal preferences, climate and the orientation of your home. Blues and greens often are preferred in rooms having natural light and southern exposure. Warmer colors may be preferred in rooms having northern exposure and little natural light.

Dark rooms might be made lighter using the pastel tones of warm or cool colors. Light rooms may be darkened using various shades of colors. Warm colors might be good choices for homes in regions having long, snowy seasons, although cool colors should not be ruled out. Just the opposite applies to using cool colors in regions of great warmth. Don,t select carpeting only on the basis of color.


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